Crest Labradors
Welcome to the home page of Crest Labradors.
Established in 1984

I have a small private kennel in Michigan.
I started my breeding program in 1984 breeding Akita's.

My breedings are researched and planned to produce
wonderful temperaments, good health and soundness;
following the AKC breed standards.
My goal is for my dogs to accomplish great things.
Be it in the show ring, obedience or as family companions.
I am a member (in good standing) with:
Akita Club of America
American Kennel Club
Macomb Kennel Club
(Michigan Association for Purebred Dogs)
United Kennel Club
I breed only Show bred/English Labradors not
Field/American Labs.
I also only breed AKC yellow & black color puppies .
Anyone that claims they have Silver or Charcoal color
Labs are not breeding by the Labrador breed standards.
What is the difference you ask?
Show bred Labs- (also known as English) generally are shorter in leg, have a
heavier body with more bone. Thick, short tails (otter like) and a much thicker,
fuller coat than a field Lab. They also have a shorter muzzle, wider/broader  
head and smaller ears. Their temperaments are wonderful and they are eager to
please their owners. They are low-key overall and calm natured.

Field bred Labs-  (also known as American) have longer legs and lighter body.
Their coats aren't as thick and tails are longer and thinner. Heads are not as
broad, with a longer muzzle and bigger ears. They have high energy, also known
as lots of "drive". They are bred for hunting and field trials, not so much as
house pets.

DO NOT Doodle!! I only breed purebred dogs.
Stock photos of American/Field Labs
preserving the better the future
History of the
Labrador Retriever
History of
Crest Kennels