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NuVet Plus
Immune System Booster

Order NuVet Plus K-9 Wafers by simply clicking this link:

PROTECT-STRENGTHEN-SUPPORT your precious new puppy.

For only $16 a month (.52 cents a day) that is 15% off with Auto-Ship.
Millions of bottles have been sold. View their testimonials:

All my dogs and puppies are given a daily immune boosting supplement called NuVet Plus. As a breeder,
the health of my dogs/puppies is my TOP priority. That is why I recommend NuVet to all my families. It is the best
nutritional supplement available today.
To assure your puppy gets off to the right start, they have been enjoying NuVet Plus every day. I start them off
with the powder as they begin to be weaned, then as they get older I use the wafers daily as a treat.

NuVet Plus helps
OPTIMIZE CELLULAR HEALTH. Even high quality dog foods are cooked, & high heat destroys
critical nutrients. NuVet is cold processed and provides vital micro-nutrients that optimize health by boosting immune
function, reducing oxidative stress...All of which are
VITAL for longevity.

NuVet Plus is a
COMPREHENSIVE IMMUNE BOOSTER Not a vitamin. It is filled with synergistic blend of
anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals to help keep your pet's immune system doing its
job...Protecting your pet!

NuVet Plus is
FREE of fillers, sweeteners, artificial flavors & grains.

NuVet Plus is
USA SOURCED/MANUFACTED in a human grade laboratory. 22 years Recall Free.

NuVet Plus helps your pet STAY HEALTHY with powerful antioxidants that combat cellular damage
(aka free radicals) which bombard & damage cells daily.
Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are using NuVet to
protect against most ailments (from back yard
pesticides, pet food allergies and hormones, aliments transmitted from dog parks and the vet's office, etc), while
beautiful skin and coat.

For puppies
- It fills the immunity gap all puppies experience. Shortly after birth maternal antibody effectiveness is
greatly reduced. By 8 weeks your puppy's immune system is at a vulnerable point. Once in their new home, the
immune system is weakened by the stress of adoption and exposure to novel bacteria and viruses in their
environment. This is also when the vaccine series is started. Vaccines are only effective if the immune system can
respond properly. Starting and keeping puppy on NuVet Plus now is important to helping your puppy grow into a
healthy adult.

For dogs in their prime- it improves the luster of their skin and coat while protecting against allergies, skin and
coat problems, staining from tears, digestive problems, etc.

For older dogs - it helps protect against tumors, premature aging, cataracts, heart conditions, diabetes and many
types of caner, while extending the life and improving the vitality of many dogs.

NuVet also carries:
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Ear Cleaner
Puppy Shampoo

NuVet Plus is not available in stores, and is only available to the general public with an order code from an
authorized pet professional.

For your convenience, you may order directly from the manufacturer by calling
800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 27503
or ordering online at