Hi Toni! Happy New year!  
Wyatt an Leia can't be separated.  They
miss each other when one is gone, she
sleeps in front of his door when he
naps.  And they play together all the
time. She minds him very well, and
obeys when he gives her commands.  
We could not have asked for a better
sibling for our babes!  


He is the light of my life. My
heart dog. He brings me more
joy than any dog I have ever
known. I know I have said it
before, but I really can't thank
you enough for the gift to my
life that he is. You will have a
dedicated fan and lifelong
client in me. Thank you again
and all the best!


One year ago today this lil nugget was
born and came into my life.
She has turned out to be one of the best
companions I have ever had!
She makes me laugh and she knows
when I'm upset, I wouldn't give her up
for a million bucks!
Thank you Toni King from Crest
Kennels, she truly is 10 out of 10!


Merry Christmas to you and
thanks you for the best gift we
could ever ask for. Bunker has
been the best dog I've ever had.
So loving and very playful and
absolutely loves his walks and
car rides!! :)

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Thank you to each and everyone of you for giving my
babies such wonderful homes.

We adore Brandy so much.  She is so smart, passed Obedience School with flying
colors, and is an overall well-behaved, good girl.  We thought she couldn't impress us
any more...and then we had a baby.

Our baby daughter is about to turn 10 months.  Brandy loves her like she's her own.  
We knew we'd be having children eventually when we got our puppy, so we were
trying to prepare her from the beginning for what we thought she could expect from
having a small child around.  (An ear pull, a tug on the tail, putting our fingers in her
mouth.)  We are very careful to watch the baby when she's around Brandy, just
because babies are so unpredictable, but she's also very fast, and sometimes we
aren't fast enough to pull the baby away in time when she's ready to reach for the dog.  
However, through everything Brandy has gotten (pretty much everything from her lips
pulled to a baby finger in the nostril,) her temperament has never, EVER wavered.  She
is calm and patient and so gentle with our baby.  Brandy will sit down with the baby
and let her pet her, and will cover her in kisses every chance she gets.  I loved my dog
to pieces before...after seeing how great she is with my baby, I love her even more!

I've attached some pictures for you.  Again, I want to thank you so much for giving us
such a great dog.  She has enhanced and enriched our lives more than we ever could
have imagined.


   Frenzi was a great investment and I just
love her to death. Now that she is part of my
pack, she likes to follow me around the
house and study every move I make. When I
am watching TV, she sits in front of me and
paws at the air. She’ll plop her head in my
lap as she lays at the foot of the couch.
Sometimes when I rub her belly she soon
drifts off to sleep. She is much more than
just a furry canine to me.

Thank you Mrs King for introducing me to
my best friend.

Hi Toni: Maya (my co-therapists)
and I at work in my office. She
slept during the entire patient
session. I feel blessed to have
Maya. Thank you Toni for bringing
Maya into my life.

-Dr. Ron-
We just wanted to thank you so much for our Graham. We truly
are blessed to have such an amazingly sweet, energetic,
healthy, and smart little addition to our family. His presence in
our lives has truly been a gift. We knew we had wanted to get a
lab puppy very specifically because they are one of the best
breeds for therapy dogs, specifically for kids on the autism
spectrum. Calm, family friendly, active- that is what we were
hoping for. But Graham is just amazing. Our oldest has
high-functioning autism, and while Graham loves to be quite
energetic and playful with our boys, I've noticed sweet Graham
gravitating quite calmly towards my oldest if he is under stress
and having a hard time. Graham likes to pace back and forth
with my son as he likes to do when he is thinking. Graham's
sweet heart is therapy for our whole family and we absolutely
adore him. And we get quite a few compliments about his
healthiness from the vet's office, and the trainer at the
obedience school that has owned a few English Labs herself,
as well as quite a few people we meet on walks with him.
Whether he is hanging out in my home office with me while I
work, greeting us so warmly when we wake up or come home,
or even coming over to give us happy kisses after he has had
his food. We are so very grateful Toni for our precious and
much-loved little guy!
preserving the past...to better the future
Crest Kennels est. 1984
  Our little girl is the light of
our life! I have never had
such a sweet puppy. We can
not thank you enough for
allowing Diva to join our
-Lauren and Mike_

Hi Toni-It has been almost eight years
since we have gotten Stella. Stella
has been the best dog we have
owned. She is a loving dog with no
aggression. Stella has been my best
friend. She always has given me
reason to smile. She has brought my
family closer.
With love, The Arndt family